Prince Scott Notary LLC revolutionized the way notary services were once conducted by bringing in the mobile signing service.

We have set standards in the industry by offering corporate notary services to clients at various locations in the state. We travel to our client’s location so they do not have to go anywhere to get the signing done. We work for the convenience of clients and do not have any ‘minimum order’ policy. We make an appointment for after work hours and weekends as well. Our services have made notary services easier for people.

To make it further easy for you, we let our clients visit us at any time of the day for instant notary services. We are continuously expanding to major cities in the country to lend our services. Our affiliate network is a team of professionals who hold extensive knowledge of corporate signing services.


As a lawyer, you must understand how important it is to keep the documents notarized for the long and short-term. For instance, divorce documents, asbestos cases, bill of sale, etc. require legal notarization. Our attorneys bear a wide range of duties on their shoulders so that our clients do not have to go through any problems. Let us handle the notary services for your documents by coming to your place.

Auto notary services are necessary to reduce the risk of fraud in many cases. Most identity thieves pay down payment based on fraudulent identification documents and contracts. By lending our services, you can save yourself from potential fraud and speed up your process for a loan. We protect you from the threat of fraud by having access to the documents throughout the process. Prevent unauthorized tampering during the payment transaction process.

If your business heavily relies on notary services, then it is hard to pay a visit to your notary agent all the time. Our mobile notary services are designed for clients who have particular demands. Prince Scott Notary LLC is the ultimate solution for you if you want your agent to come to you wherever you are and whenever you want. We have everything you need and we work as per your requirements.

The real estate business involves multiple documents at the time of closing a deal. Most of the documents require notarization, which is why we are here to help. Searching a notary agent at the rush hour is difficult – call Prince Scott Notary LLC and get your notary agent at your doorstep. Avoid the frustration of going to a notary agent and make the process easy for you.

Are you tired of going to your notary agent? Our mobile notary services will let you stay where you are and let us come to you. Some businesses need constant notary services due to several documents involved in the process. We have a team of professional notary agents at your disposal. We ensure successful and quick closing, so you do not have to suffer.

Structured settlements involve a pile of documents that needs to be notarized. We have structured notaries on our list who can help you get all the work done for you. Our notary agents are all you need for affidavit and document signing. Let us come to you and solve all your queries and problems for you.

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